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City Socials

At Icon Golf, building a community is just as important as connecting to the sport and experiences you love. City Socials give members who live in the same city the opportunity to form friendships that last long after each adventure ends.

Creating a Sense of Community

Events range from box seats at local sporting events to pop-up dinners at local restaurants. No matter what activity we have planned, every event is designed to foster community among members.

At the Dinner Table for City Socials

A League of Her Own

Icon offers a range of events and opportunities for our female members to connect both competitively and casually. From private luxury suites at professional sporting events to culinary experiences to spa/shopping retreats, a unique experience awaits!

Cheers to Drinks with Friends

Upcoming Events

There are no events coming up in this category.

Dallas Stars Suite
Social Gathering at the Golf Course
Wine tasting
Fireworks with Icon Golf
Meet and Greet Event
Kenny G
Baseball Suite

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